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No Cleaning in Wyndford High Flats in At Least 4 Months

August 3, 2021

Filthy cotton bud on stair

I feel a strange sentimental attachment to this filthy cotton bud.

It has been in the stairwell of a block of high flats in the Wyndford for the last four months. I would pick it up, but i have come to regard it almost as a friend or neighbour, as i see it so often. At some point i started saying hello to it as i pass by.

How it has managed to remain there for so long is a mystery, as Cube Housing Association, which is now part of Glasgow Housing Association, which is part of the Wheatley Group, claims the building is cleaned every Tuesday, from the 25th floor to the ground floor. But i am happy to report that the cotton bud is not lonely, because it has plenty of other trash for company; if the stairwell has been cleaned this year, i can find no evidence of it. I have been writing about this since early in the year, and have emailed management at Cube/GHA, to no avail.

Martin Armstrong, chief executive of the Wheatley group, is leaving his post. No doubt he will be all right, as the salary he has been on is almost double that of Boris Johnson...

The Prime Minister recently grumbled about his own salary, so perhaps he should apply to be Mr Armstrong's replacement. If he got the gig, he could pay out of his own pocket to have his tenants' stairwells cleaned, and still be richer than he is now.

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