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Humza Yousaf Gives Up On Country, Not King

April 9, 2023

"May he sedition hush,

And like a torrent rush

Rebellious Scots to crush!

God save the King!"

–British National Anthem

Humza Yousaf says he is a republican.

But, on May 6, he will not be attending the All Under One Banner independence rally in Glasgow – a rally at which he had promised to speak.

Why not? Because he will be attending the coronation of the King of England.

I should not be surprised – i left the SNP in June last year because of Nicola Sturgeon's fawning praise of the Queen of England – but i confess to being agape that Ms Sturgeon's successor is even more shameless than she.

Mr Yousaf also says he will fight for Scottish independence – which he believes is five years away, and he seems to think this estimate is good news. His colleague Michael Russell, president of the SNP, has said he does not believe independence can be achieved "right now." Mr Russell also admits that the party is in the worst crisis it has experienced in 50 years. I do not know of a worse crisis older than that.

So, with the First Minister of Scotland too busy singing "God Save the King" – on Scotland's behalf, in England – to attend an independence rally in Scotland, and the party's president admitting it is so hopeless that a new independence movement must be built, what reason is there to vote for the SNP at the next election? Just as the Labour Party has long since abandoned even pretending to be socialist, instead presenting itself as a more competent Tory party than the current UK government, the SNP has given up any pretence that there is any chance that we can soon free ourselves from being ruled by the most cruel and incompetent British government in a century.

If you are a British unionist and/or a monarchist, and you like how the SNP has functioned as a branch of local government, then it makes sense to vote for them. But if you are Scottish and you want our nation to make its own decisions – to actually be a nation – then a vote for the SNP is not one of hope, or even acceptance, but of surrender and despair.

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