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Dynamic Silence

March 3, 2022

sticker on post in park with the words "when the wind blows, the trees dance — where does the dance begin?"

Since the pandemic started, City Cave Zen Sangha has been meeting online only, and that has been going so well i want to continue doing it even when the time comes that it is safe to physically meet.

We live in such a science-fiction world, with Zen practitioners in various countries able to sit in meditation together. So, when we return to having in-person meetings, people who want to take part online will still be able to do so.

I especially like the Thursday meetings, because of the absence of my voice. On Sundays, i give a Dharma talk, and there is a discussion, but on Thursdays we just sit, with no conversation or even liturgy, so i do not have to talk, or listen to myself. It is the essence of sangha: people meditating in shared, contextual, dynamic silence.

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