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Why Is the Hacking of 400 Million Twttr Users' Private Information Being Ignored By Most Media?

December 30, 2022

I am baffled and fascinated by the lack of media coverage of the Twttr hack in which 400 million users – including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Piers Morgan, Donald Trump Jr, Scott Morrison, Steve Wozniak, Brian Krebs, Neal deGrasse Tyson, Cara Delevingne and Mark Cuban – had their data compromised.

I have seen some of the raw data, which contains the personal email addresses and handles of the people named above.

The hack was announced on a forum on December 23. It said:

December 23, 2022, 01:35 PM (This post was last modified: December 27, 2022, 03:28 PM by Ryushi.) Hello dear breached users I'm selling data of +400 million unique twitter users that was scraped via a vulnerability, this data is completely private And it includes emails and phone numbers of celebrities, politicians, companies, normal users, and a lot of OG and special usernames.

Twitter or Elon Musk if you are reading this you are already risking a GDPR fine over 5.4m breach imaging the fine of 400m users breach source I will advice you, Your best option to avoid paying $276 million USD in GDPR breach fines like facebook did (due to 533m users being scraped) is to buy this data exclusively, Which can go through the official owner middle man on here @pompompurin or admin @Baphomet after that I will delete this thread and will not sell this data again. And data will not be sold to anyone else which will prevent a lot of celebrities and politicians from Phishing, Crypto scams, Sim swapping, Doxxing and other things that will make your users Lose trust in you as a company and thus stunt the current growth and hype that you are having also just imagine famous content creators and influencers getting hacked on twitter that will for sure Make them ghost the platform and ruin your dream of twitter video sharing platform for content creators, also since you Made the mistake of changing twitter policy that got an immense backlash From content creators this is a sensitive time, which will make things far worse and if you are unsure just run a poll on twitter like usual and people will choose their fate, because at the end of the Day it's the company's fault that this data was breached.

I heard about it from a reliable source on December 25, who wrote: "dude, donnie jr uses hotmail. i find it fucking amusing that brian krebs uses gmail."

But there was so little reportage about it that i almost doubted it could be true. Wired magazine said nothing. Ditto Ars Technica and the New York Times. The Guardian made no mention of it until December 28 – and that was in the paper's Australian section, which apparently deemed it newsworthy because the country's former Prime Minister was one of the 400 million.

The earliest reporting i have found was by Restore Privacy on December 24. In India, Zee News and India TV News both reported it on December 25. The Register posted about it on December 27.

But, a week after it happened, most mainstream media are still silent about it.

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